My books explore how we live through the lens of what we have in common/ Discover Your World with the Goldman winners!

The Goldman Environmental Awards are a great way to introduce your students  to people all over the world who are working in their communities. 2015 recipients are from: Kenya, Haiti, Canada, Scotland, Myanmar and Honduras.  Get to know these grassroots heroes!

Alex Cook paints on urban WALLS!

I am a big fan of the Monitor’s making a difference essays.  Have your students read them to learn about all the cool work good people are doing all over the world. Your students could write essays about people in your community that are making a difference.

Chicago 10th grader wants to help her school know more about the African Continent

I have been corresponding with a 10th grader from Chicago who was born in Ethiopia and  contacted me after she had read my article . She hopes to work with a few teachers to create an elective next year.  I told her on the phone that I would send her a her a copy of Africa is Not a Country and Talking Walls Discover Your World and when the books arrived be sure to read the last  sentence in Talking Walls, a Nelson Mandela quote. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”