Written by Margy Burns Knight & Mark Melnicove; Illustrated by Anne Sibley O’Brien Revised edition due to hit shelves in September 2022!

“AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY gets to the heart of modern Africa: rural and urban families, living contemporary and traditional lives, and children in their homes, with their families, going to school, and playing with their friends.”

“AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY is perhaps the first picture book about the African continent to respectfully present the diversity of people living in its 53 countries…This book should be required reading for all U.S. children.”

– Patricia Kuntz, Africa Access

“…Enter into the daily life of children in the many countries of modern Africa. Countering stereotypes, Africa Is Not a Country celebrates the extraordinary diversity of this vibrant continent as experienced by children at home, at school, at work, and at play…The essential differences and connections are here.”

– Booklist


Written by Margy Burns Knight; Illustrated by Anne Sibley O’Brien

Awarded as one of the “Top 25 Non-Fiction Children’s Books” by the Boston Globe, as well as “Best Multicultural Book” by Publisher’s Weekly Cuffie Awards.

“TALKING WALLS is a unique addition to the field of children’s literature: it introduces young readers to different cultures by exploring walls around the world, showing the impact of walls on the people who build and are divided or unified by these partitions.”

– Peace Company

“The award-winning Talking Walls and its sequel, Talking Walls: The Stories Continue, introduce young readers to different cultures and different issues around the world by telling the stories of walls and how they can hold a community together or separate it. Featured walls include the Great Wall of China, the murals of Diego Rivera, Nelson Mandela’s prison walls, a Holocaust memorial in Poland, Ndebele wall designs in South Africa, Hadrian’s Wall in England, and the Peace Lines in Belfast, Northern Ireland. These books will spark the curiosity of young readers as they learn about their world and its amazing diversity.”

– Better World Books


Written by Margy Burns Knight; Illustrated by Anne Sibley O’Brien

“With a simple message, this book shows how people around the world lovingly care for, cherish, and welcome babies into their families.”

– Better World Books

“Join the women singing songs of welcome in Nigeria, witness a Jewish naming ceremony, greet the sun with a newborn Hopi child, and discover many more beloved traditions in this unique, lovely book.”


“Everyone marvels at babies: parents, grandparents, siblings, even other babies are fascinated by babies!…WELCOMING BABIES visits with people around the globe and looks at the diverse ways they treasure new life.

– Tilbury House Publishers


Written by Margy Burns Knight; Illustrated by Anne Sibley O’Brien

“Teaching compassion for recent immigrants while sharing the important contributions made by immigrants of the past, this story is more relevant now than ever.”

– I’

“This story teaches compassion for recent immigrants while sharing the history of immigration in America and some of the important contributions made by past immigrants. It is used in schools everywhere for units on immigration and tolerance. The Who Belongs Here? Teacher’s Guide, written by Margy Burns Knight and Thomas V. Chan, offers dozens of imaginative ideas for exploring immigration, refugees, and other topics related to diversity.”

– Better World Books