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Thanks to all the teachers and students who joined me for my workshops during the 2016/17 school year. I continue to be so inspired by the VTS  protocol and have had great fun introducing, practicing  and talking about this very pliable discussion based teaching and learning strategy.  Teachers have realized that  Content VTS can include all four domains of language learning and  is an effective strategy across the curriculum.

I started this blog for teachers to let them know about my work and  my school visits. I also share articles, lesson ideas and other books that relate to the themes of my books and my  Who’s That  Lady? project. If you want to know more about  my work including school visits scroll down past recent posts and archives and look for categories  Contact me at margyburnsknight@gmail.com

People have been using  and building  walls for years. Talking Walls Discover Your World introduces readers to places and cultures by talking-walls-discover-your-worldexploring the stories of walls around the world.

Meet a loyal dog from Japan, a poet from Chile  and an artist from Mexico. Visit the Great Wall of China, the Lascaux Caves of France and Great Zimbabwe.

Talking Walls: Discover Your World




who belongs here



Who Belongs Here? tells the story of Nary, a young boy fleeing war-torn Cambodia for the safety of the United States. To some of his new classmates, however, he is a “chink” who should go back where he belongs. But what if everyone whose family came from another place was forced  to return to his or her homeland? Who would be left? This story teaches compassion for recent immigrants while sharing the history of immigration in America and some of the important contributions made by past immigrants.



Welcoming Babies is a vibrant and tender celebration of life and diversity. As children and adults explore the welcoming of babies from all over the world they can share stories of their own welcoming , traditions and culture.

Africa _Africa Is Not A Country enters into the daily life of children in many countries of modern Africa. Countering stereotypes the book celebrates the extraordinary diversity of the vibrant continent at experienced by children at home, at school, at work and at play.


All about illustrator Anne Sibley O’Brien http://www.annesibleyobrien.com











Maria’s Shoes is a true and timeless story from a Roots of Empathy http://www.rootsofempathy.org/classroom. Maria is bullied about her shoes being “unfashionable,” and her friend desperately wants to help but doesn’t know how. When we see injustice, empathy — the ability to identify with another person’s feelings — can empower us to take action to help others. The friend’s empathy and moral courage result in a lesson that all of the children in the playground learn — we are all capable of standing up against injustice and helping people to feel less alone.


3 Book Reviews from King Middle School

Thanks to  Kirsten McWilliams and her King Middle School students for  their thoughtful book  reviews and illustrations about my books. Read some excerpts of the book reviews below.


2017Talking Walls

Talking Walls

Talking Walls is an explanatory book that talks about different religions and different beautiful people. Talking Walls shows images and facets of cultures revealed in monuments  throughout the  world, The book was written to introduce children to the world and its diverse cultures. It is an important book because it teaches and shows the readers that there are different cultures throughout the world.







who belongs here

The book Who Belongs Here? is about a boy who lived in a refugee camp and immigrated with his family to the USA.  The book is about why people love their own country and it is also about some immigrants feel when they are starting over with their lives.  The book shows how refugees lives were back in their countries and the art shows how the refugees are scared and hopeless. The book shows its audience different ways of helping other people who are facing the same problems as refugees.





AfricaMargy Burns Knight wrote a book explaining that Africa is not a country. To begin with, kids are having fun in a park playing soccer. Also some of them were dancing, eating and sitting in a circle. Half of the kids in the neighborhood just went to school.  This book was written to show that Africa is not a country and is a fun continent.  The book shows that every race matters, not just black or white, every race. The reason they matter is   because people should not get treated badly because of their race or skin color.

VTS Workshop for Portland teachers a great success!

20170VTS PORTLANDMany thanks to  King Middle School teacher Kirsten Mc Williams  for co-leading the  two part  afternoon teachers workshop with me.     We introduced the  3 question VTS protocol and demonstrated how this very flexible and fun strategy can be implemented  across the curriculum via  listening, speaking, reading and writing. Teachers shared how   VTS  was a big hit with their   preschool , elementary and high school students.

I am looking forward to sharing  VTS strategies in Hallowell and China,Maine in  late May  and in NYC at an Author’s Roundtable in NYC in June!