Wall of Letters on Juliet’s House in Verona!

Thanks to  Lewiston teachers and Upward Bound students for telling me about this wall. Since 2012 letters have been discouraged because Juliet’s House is a World Heritage Site.



OMG..Do they say that in France?


I asked a group of 5th graders to look closely at the faces of the four boys in the Lascaux Cave illustration. Then I  asked them to  think about how  the boys were feeling.  I asked the students if they  thought  as the group they could compile a list of ten words.  Surprised, wowed, scared, amazed were just a few and I added awed.

I then asked , “What do you think the boys could be saying?”  and one boy said, “Maybe the boy with the hand over his mouth is saying OMG.” Then he burst out laughing and looked at his teacher who was smiling. Another student wondered if they said OMG in France!

Who’s That Lady?

I have been working on this project for several years and want to finish it by 2020 to honor the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment. At first it was a book, then a film and now maybe some type of performance piece. Any ideas, let me know !

Enjoy my Pecha Kucha Presentation!

Family Literacy Night with Talking Walls!

I took six of the original Talking Walls  illustrations to a literacy night in Augusta and told the stories about the decorated walls. I  handed out a list of 30 items for the students and their families to find. The families had fun finding and talking about the items in each illustration. The little brothers and sisters created and talked about their own Talking Wall.telling a story PGlookinglooking JPGImaking a wall PG

Africa is a country!

This a great blog to follow news and information from and about  the African continent!

Of course we don’t literally believe Africa is a Country (unlike say rapper Rick Ross). The title of the blog is ironic and is a reaction to old and tired images of “Africa”. We deliberately challenge and destabilize received wisdom about the African continent and its people in Western media — that definition includes “old (nationally oriented) media,” new social media as well as “global news media”.