Looking forward to 2020..Discover Your World with Visual Learning!


Visual Learning Strategies Are So Much Fun as you Discover Your World!

I  introduce, demonstrate, and have students practice Visual Learning Strategies. Inspired by the three question visual thinking strategies protocol,  I will  show that this discussion-based teaching and learning strategy not only includes all four domains of language learning, but is an effective tool across the curriculum.

During the VLS workshop I introduce my nonfiction illustrated books, exploring global cultures through the lens of human commonalities — walls, immigrant stories, traditions for welcoming babies, and the daily life of children .

I will present up to four one hour workshops per day. Workshops are limited to 30 students or one class.  Will include a staff workshop if I work in your school for two days!

School fees are negotiable:

Within Maine

within 60 miles of  Waterville— $800/day
more than 60 miles from  Waterville — $800/day plus travel and lodging

New England

outside of Maine — $1,000/day plus travel and lodging

Beyond New England

$1,000/day plus travel and lodging

Please contact me with questions:


One Reply to “Looking forward to 2020..Discover Your World with Visual Learning!”

  1. Margy has presented VLA to UMF graduate students who are practicing teachers. The teachers were so surprised at how engaging and effective this strategy is at engaging students of all ages in oral and written communication and expression. VLA can be utilized in the content areas, not just in language arts/English classes and Margy clearly demonstrates how that can be done in her workshops. I highly encourage anyone who has done a VLA workshop with Margy, to attend an offering OR talk with your school district about bringing Margy to your school. Robin Fleck, Adjunct Faculty, UMF

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