Visit Creating Communities in Portland at Children’s Museum.


v2-creating-communities-opening-reception-slide This exhibit is for families to come together through art and become part of the exhibit—and community—itself. Tie ribbons to a community sculpture and explore the ideas of what art really is and what it means to the community. Add your mark to the “never ending” drawing wall, create poems with a 3D mad-lib style puzzle, build mosaics, and more. Throughout the year, the space will be physically transformed by visitor contributions and will feature many ways for families to play and learn together. The goal of Creating Communities is to facilitate meaningful conversations between adults and children about diversity.

Art on display in the exhibit features a selection of original illustrations by artist Anne Sibley O’Brien, created for the book Talking Walls by Margy Burns Knight. Talking Walls introduces different cultures to young readers by exploring the stories of walls and artwork around the world. Both O’Brien and Knight served as consultants to this project, which has been curated to focus on specific images demonstrating the power of art in cultural contexts.

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