Visual Learning Strategies Are So Much Fun!

Happy 2018.  I continue my work in schools with my books and what I now call VLS.

I will present  the following workshop about Visual Learning Strategies at the Barbara Bush Family Literacy Conference on 3/26 at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine


Visual Learning Strategies Are So Much Fun!

Margy will introduce, demonstrate, and have participants practice Visual Learning Strategies. Inspired by the three question visual thinking strategies protocol, Margy will show how this discussion-based teaching and learning strategy not only includes all four domains of language learning, but is an effective tool across the curriculum. This workshop is designed for Grades K-8 and Adult Literacy.

A teacher and an author of illustrated non-fiction books, Margy Burns Knight has worked in classrooms all over the world. She is happiest when she can engage students and their teachers in great conversations.

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