Trees..around the World

As I read about Jadav  Molai Payeng and his work in India  planting trees  I thought about the other tree stories I have shared and a few new ones I am just learning about. We could learn  and teach a lot of our world through the tree stories of Wangari Matthai. Kate Sessions, Anne Frank and  The Little Bonsai from Hiroshima. If you have other book suggestions let me know!





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Harriet Tubman has three statues and her face will be on the 20 dollar bill, but not sure about the statue in the US Capitol!



Harlem New Yorkboston

Harlem                                                                      Boston



Dolores and statue

who belongs here

In my book Who Belongs Here? I wrote, Dolores Huerta and many others are working with the United Farm Workers of America, so that all farm workers can be healthy, safe and treated fairly.

A statue of Huerta and Chavez was dedicated in May.

I just  bought this book by Sarah Warren. Let me know if you have read it with your students.