Women in African History and another book about Wangari Matthai!

I ordered  Wangari Matthai, The Women Who Planted a Million Trees  yesterday and can’t wait to see how it compares to the other four books about Matthai. Ellen, the bookseller, told me that Matthai is included in the  UNESCO Women in Africa series. Please let me know if you have used this website!http://en.unesco.org/womeninafrica/9781580896269

A town wants a monument…..will it be a wall?

the monumenttalking-walls-discover-your-world

Lisa Gilman, a middle school art and reading teacher, loves to read and re- read  The Monument by Gary Paulsen.  A farmer from a small town returns from DC  where he  visited the black wall with the names.  Does his town need a monument too? Will it be a wall? Read the book, meet Rocky and  Mick and you will find out !  if you want to know more about Lisa’s lessons contact her a lgilman@winthropschools.og