“Before I built a wall I’d ask to know”……

7531201-R1-E071Before I built a wall I’d ask to know

What I was walling in or walling out

Robert Frost, from ” Mending Wall”

Let me know what you think of this reading of the poem: Robert Frost reads the poem to a video of the Berlin Wall


Inspired by a poem.. THE WALL


The jacket of Talking Walls Discover Your World shows the inspiration for the book, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. In the fall of 1990,  I listened to poet Doug Rawlings, co-founder Veterans for Peace read his poem, The Wall . As he read I thought about other walls and their stories and turned to my friend Elizabeth and told her that I might have a good idea for a book.

The Wall

Descending into this declivity
dug into our nation’ s capitol
by the cloven hoof
of yet another one of our country’ s
tropical wars

Slipping past the names of those
whose wounds
refuse to heal

Slipping past the panel where
my name would have been
could have been
perhaps should have been

Down to The Wall’ s greatest depth
where the beginning meets the end
I kneel

Staring through my own reflection
beyond the names of those
who died so young

Knowing now that The Wall
has finally found me \endash
58,000 thousand-yard stares
have fixed on me
as if I were their Pole Star
as if I could guide their mute testimony
back into the world
as if I could connect all those dots
in the nighttime sky
As if I
could tell them
the reason why


Dolores Huerta..book and statue

who belongs here

In my book Who Belongs Here? I wrote, Dolores Huerta and many others are working with the United Farm Workers of America, so that all farm workers can be healthy, safe and treated fairly.

A statue of Huerta and Chavez was dedicated in May.http://napavalleyregister.com/news/local/statues-of-cesar-chavez-dolores-huerta-unveiled-in-napa/article_effceee6-3dea-53f6-a8bf-ee7aad1ab5d7.htmlhuerta

I just  bought this book by Sarah Warren. Let me know if you have read it with your students.


A town wants a monument…..will it be a wall?

the monumenttalking-walls-discover-your-world

Lisa Gilman, a middle school art and reading teacher, loves to read and re- read  The Monument by Gary Paulsen.  A farmer from a small town returns from DC  where he  visited the black wall with the names.  Does his town need a monument too? Will it be a wall? Read the book, meet Rocky and  Mick and you will find out !  if you want to know more about Lisa’s lessons contact her a lgilman@winthropschools.og