Teachers comments about our VTS 10/17 presentation in Portland

Visual Thinking Skills

The presentation expanded my knowledge

I gained knowledge/skills 12345

The presentation was clear and engaging


This was excellent for those of us teaching a variety of levels – newcomers to more advanced. Well done.

It was something I was sort of doing without realizing it. The presentation gave me direction to expand on what I was doing and make it better.

This was an interesting process to be walked through. You learn so much about what everyone sees in the same picture.

Implemented it today and it was well received by my ELLs.
Very informative. A great approach for helping ELL students to write expressively.

I thoroughly enjoyed this breakout session. The small group setting supported the presentation, and I loved the fact that we have an appropriate activity that I can bring back to school and use with my students.

So creative and a great idea for improving speaking proficiency.
Loved the presentation. Would love to continue with more information.
Excellent presenters, engaging and informative. I will use this in my practice.
Fantastic!!! Ready to implement!!! 🙂
This was also great! I loved the presenters, and the strategy seemed very easy to use and ELL friendly.

Very applicable to all levels of teaching, and more appropriate for our students. It gave me ideas that I could use immediately with my students. I thought it was the best presentation of the day.

This was great- the three presenters did a fabulous job keeping it lively and engaging. This will be useful in the future.

Gave a protocol for Visual thinking skills. Good demonstration of how to use this for English Language learners.

I put this right to use on Monday and my students ROCKED!!! Loved the whole presentation, thanks ladies

All 3 presenters were excellent. I could incorporate VTS immediately in my classroom! Fabulous ideas. will use in my job.

I have learned about Visual Thinking Skills. I will incorporate this strategy in teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing.


I’ve used visual thinking in my classes, so this seminar supplemented what I already knew. It was interesting to see how an artist, author, and ELL teacher used the same protocol in different ways to develop student learning.

The presenters worked very well as a team. engaging

I love this. It is something I can put to use today.

I work 1:1 which would not make this as beneficial for my students, but I do like it.



This was a totally new way of thinking about language instruction. The three perspectives from different instructors combined with the hands-on practice made this very powerful professional development. It was so inspiring that I already tried this in two different classes today! The students loved it too!