I Spy to Interactive Magic!

I spent many hours with teachers and students this year  as they walked around their classroom and libraries asking and answering questions as they looked for  more details in the original  Talking Walls illustrations . Tara Bryant, the librarian at Geiger School, participated in twelve of my workshops and sent me this message about my work.
 ” Interactive magic, that is what I would call it! You combine all the different aspects of books:  reading, writing, story telling, art, perspective and history all in a 40 minute period. The students walk away with a lot of information all with comprehension and without getting “antsy.”
The children are blown away and proud of what they have learned. Some were saying that they were going to go home that night and ask their parents if they new Nelson Mandela, or that you can see the Great Wall of China from outer space!
It is a sense of understanding art in books in a whole new way. I will never read a story the same. As a librarian I will take what I have learned from you and engage students and set a focus not only on the story but how the pictures are telling the story as well. I will ask the questions… “What do you see? What is happening?”  Students will be able to tell the story before it is even read! “I think ________, because _______” will be a wonderful tool to help students back up what they are learning.
 As an educator this program is extremely beneficial and essential for all ages. I recommend Margy to help teachers learn “Interactive Magic” and the reason I describe it that way is because it captivates all who are in her presence. It isn’t just sitting and listening, its about hands on, eyes on, voice on, and mind on! It is not easy to grab the attention of youngsters these days but I witnessed first hand a new and innovative way to teach our youth the importance of non-fiction, story telling, reading, and the importance of art.”
Tara Bryant
Geiger School
Thank you Tara!

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