She’s one of only seven female guides in Kenya’s Maasai Mara


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School Visits 2018/Fees for Visual Learning Workshops


In my Discover Your World presentation,  I introduce my nonfiction illustrated books, exploring global cultures through the lens of human commonalities — walls, immigrant stories, traditions for welcoming babies, and the daily life of children.The Visual Learning workshop engages students in the joy of learning about the contents of  books!

I will present up to four one hour workshops per day. I can tailor the focus of her workshops for individual schools by incorporating a curriculum connection (i.e. a country, region or continent, a subject such as geography, values such as friendship, cooperation, teamwork, or topics such as games, languages, homes or transportation.

School fees are negotiable:

Within Maine

within 60 miles of Winthrop — $800/day
more than 60 miles from Winthrop — $800/day plus travel and lodging

New England

outside of Maine — $1,000/day plus travel and lodging

Beyond New England

$1,000/day plus travel and lodging

Meeting a TALKING WALL in Berlin



Right before my son, Kyle, took this picture he asked me what it was like to meet one of my Talking Walls. I have been sharing the fall of the Berlin Wall story  with the readers of Talking Walls since 1992 so was thrilled to  stand by a wall memorial and then return home to read this article:





Thank You BBIS

IMG_0490Thank you to the students and staff at the Berlin Brandenburg International School for a wonderful day on December 1st.  The 2nd-5th graders and I talked and asked questions about: walls, welcoming ceremonies,heroes, the editing process, anniversaries, teasing, architects, memorials, research, new ideas and inspirations.  The school asked me to sign their piece of the Berlin Wall.