Tillie and the Wall

This is a great book to introduce the concept of walls. Leo Lionni wrote it right before the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.Tillie-and-the-Wall-9780679813576Listen to the book :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IojcfjO5kYo


My books explore how we live through the lens of what we have in common/ Discover Your World with the Goldman winners!

The Goldman Environmental Awards   http://www.goldmanprize.org/ are a great way to introduce your students  to people all over the world who are working in their communities. 2015 recipients are from: Kenya, Haiti, Canada, Scotland, Myanmar and Honduras.  Get to know these grassroots heroes!

Chicago 10th grader wants to help her school know more about the African Continent

I have been corresponding with a 10th grader from Chicago who was born in Ethiopia and  contacted me after she had read my article http://www.margyburnsknight.com/teachafrica.html . She hopes to work with a few teachers to create an elective next year.  I told her on the phone that I would send her a her a copy of Africa is Not a Country and Talking Walls Discover Your World and when the books arrived be sure to read the last  sentence in Talking Walls, a Nelson Mandela quote. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Workshop a great hit! Thank you teachers!


Thanks to all the teachers who have attended my UNPACKING COMPLEX TEXT  workshop this year.

Workshop: Unpacking Complex Text!

Wander into an ancient walled city, visit Nelson Mandela’s prison cell, and view the Great Wall of China. Author and teacher Margy Burns Knight will introduce the content of Talking Walls Discover Your World through the lens of five texts: visual, informational, compendium, paired and digital. Teachers will then learn how to unpack complex text from Talking Walls. They will not only add this strategy to their tool kit, but also understand how this instructional strategy supports and expands the key elements of close reading.

This is what Robin Fleck says about my workshop!

The workshop “Talking Walls Unpacking Complex Text” has the capacity to engage educators of all grades and levels of ability through Margy’s dynamic presentation of using a simple strategy combined with text to introduce, develop, and analyze new vocabulary and comprehension skills. Her presentation broadens the understanding of how to demystify complex text for learners of all ages. Margy provides examples of how to apply the strategy of unpacking the complex text in conjunction with her book, Talking Walls Discover Your World. Educators learn how to choose themes across the content areas and apply the Common Core Standards. Margy’s passion for learning and teaching, along with her ability to break down learning into comprehensible units motivates her workshop attendees. Teachers are anxious to return to their classrooms and try out what they have learned with their students.
Robin Fleck
ELL Coordinator
Auburn, Maine

Thanks Robin!